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Chiropractic done differently.

Chiropractic treatment corrects joint misalignment to alleviate a wide variety of health issues

including muscle tightness, neck pain, back pain and headaches.  Chiropractic care remove irritation to muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves, providing a non-invasive solution 

for pain relief.

How is our care different?

- We will spend more than 5 minutes with you to get to the bottom of your health concerns.   

- We look at you as a whole.  An example is the patient who finally sees relief with low back pain after foot and ankle issues were addressed. 

- We individualize care, it is never cookie-cutter.  We will discuss findings and treatment options. No surprises.  If Chiropractic care is necessary, we utilize multiple techniques so care can be as gentle or aggressive as requested.

- We spend the time and effort to give our patients tools to prevent return of symptoms.  We are not satisfied with waiting for symptoms to come back over and over. 

- If follow-up care is recommended and treatment isn't necessary on the visit,  there is NO charge for the visit.  Who does that?!?  We do.

Not sure if you need Chiropractic care?

We offer 15 minute free consultations to determine if Chiropractic care could help your health concerns.  

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Our Services

Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Jen is trained in multiple Chiropractic techniques used to return the spine and other joints to a natural state of health.  This reduces pain, muscle spasms, and nerve irritation so you can enjoy your life pain free. 

The techniques utilized in our office range from extremely gentle to more aggressive.  We modify care based on our individual patient's preferences.


Additional Treatment Options

Our office also provides the following services to increase rate of recovery and prevent return of symptoms:

-Stretching recommendations

-Strength assessments

-Posture consultations

-Pillow evaluations

-Therapeutic exercise

-Ultrasound (US)

-Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) 

-Ergonomic evaluations


Here's what patients are saying: (to see the full reviews visit our Google and Facebook reviews)


Meg M. -  far more thorough and personalized than ANY other chiropractic treatment I have ever had previously.

Jason G. -  She Found Things That I, As A Wellness Consultant And Fitness Trainer Missed, As Well As Things My Previous Doctor(s) Missed!

Tamara B -  Dr. Jen is the best, most thorough chiropractor I have ever seen.

Laurie K. -  Dr. Jen is simply amazing! She is extremely thorough and very intuitive. She doesn't just treat your symptoms, she gets to the root of the problem.


Judy B. -  Over the years I have had several chiropractors, they adjust you, and that's it. I would keep coming back to be adjusted. With Jen, she has a plan that keeps you from having to come back.

Chris H. -  Dr. Jen didn't just "fix" my back/shoulder issues, she asked lots of questions, gave me guidance to change my desk set up, and provided exercise and stretching guidelines to prevent recurrence of the same issue.

Yunhui D. - takes the time to truly identify what the causes are to your symptoms and makes every attempt to provide you with tools to help outside of her office.

Jen D. - she educates me on exercises, stretches and lifestyle changes I can make to prevent my issues from coming back again.


Scott P. -  Dr. Jen is focused on fixing any issues as fast (with as few visits) as possible. She even gave me a free visit when no adjustments were needed. In this day and age where you have to watch out for your own interests and second guess basically every profession, it is extremely refreshing to be able to trust someone to be honest and do it right.

Meg M. -  my husband came in for the 15 minute consult and found out he needed no adjusting (just needed inserts for his shoes, which she recommended)


Chris S. -  I am doing better in 2 weeks then I have seven years.

Tim K. - I had been dealing with back pain for all of my adult life, and was finally at my wits end. I was referred to Dr. Jen by another patient, so I made an appointment. My spine is now lined up like it should be, I don't walk leaning over anymore, and I'm on my way to a pain free future.

Lynn O. - I've been experiencing headaches, neck and upper back pain for several years. Dr. Jen was able to get me back into alignment and relieve my pain.

Carrie L. - After several years of lower back pain and countless doctor visits, physical therapy, injections, etc., I took a different approach and tried chiropractic treatment. I have had amazing

results with Dr. Jen's treatment and my back pain has decreased significantly.

Stacey T. - I walked into her office with 20+ years of pain, and now I am pain free, and able to do many things I haven't been able to do in years!

Kathy S. - In just a couple visits my lower back went from stiff, sore and achy to flexible and pain free. And other lower extremity aches and pains went away as a result of Dr. Jen's Chiropractic care.


Stacey T. - I was never able to relax enough to have a good adjustment in the past (with previous chiropractors) but she made me feel so comfortable which allowed me to receive the adjustments I needed to resolve many of the issues I was having!

Jessica R. -  We appreciate her patience and willingness to adjust her methods based on our tolerance and preferences - especially my kids.

Dave K. - Dr Jen is really helping my back. It is a more aggressive approach than I have had before. Bottom line it is helping.

Meg M. - My five year old has also been greatly aided by the gentle adjustments she has received from Dr. Jen when necessary. I say "when necessary" because children in general need less adjustments to achieve results. After one neck adjustment we saw an improvement in behavior and sleep patterns.


Tim K. - The cost was surprisingly low and she doesn't charge you for things you don't need.

Jim L. - Dr. Jen does an awesome job not only adjusting you at a reasonable price but caring for you in a personal way.

Kathy S. - Dr. Jen's pricing is very reasonable.

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